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How We Do Small Business App Development

small business app development

If you are a small businessman, small business app development will have to be a better way to grab more customers and user interaction.

Since the competition is growing day by day, you have to find various strategies to improve your business. After considering lots of factors, small business app development is considered to be the best choice for many businessmen all around the world. If you are not in the right direction, you will have to bear a wasted cost for sure. This content will explain to you about small business app development and the guidance.

Why An App Should Be Chosen For Your Small Business

Better Connectivity Growth

As a businessman, you are limited in a specific scope when communication matters. Even if you have the best way to reach the customer, the contact number, you will not find it a reliable way. Besides, you have to keep calling hundreds of customers to grow a connection. When it comes to small business app development, you are free to reach them at any time using the app.

Creating Loyalty Programs

Although you are a small-scale businessman, you have to allocate a specific amount for customer loyalty. Numerous ways can be used to identify the best clients. Lucky draws, vouchers, and forms are considered to be outdated at present. One of the best ways to reach customers is to urge them to install your business app. You may consider it a better option to identify loyalty as well. After making special offers and discounts, others will also keep in touch with your app.

The Recognition

One of the most elegant and intangible benefits of small business app development is to have recognition. Although the world is at the end of the first phase in the 21st century, some businesses are still lacking a business app.

After creating your own app, you will be able to have recognition among the customers. The particular recognition may last from local to international level. You should note that an app is one of the customer loyalty dependents. It means, if you have an app for your business, it will be almost similar to having good branding.

Collecting Data Is One Of The Most Effective Benefits Of Small Business App Development

Time is a precious thing for a growing businessman. Are you spending time filling the data sheets and collecting data manually? That is not indeed a proper way to collect data at this time. You are free to collect numerous types of data using the app. From customer satisfaction to the changes they suggest like matters can be discussed using the apps. When it comes to the collection of data, either data analysts or you will be able to collect them in various sorting options.

Linking Up With The Social Media Channels Easily

One of the essential parts of an app is the social media links. Along with your app, you can simply connect your customers with social media accounts. Since there is some content that you cannot keep posted using the app, you can use your social media accounts for posting them. All you have to do is to send a notification to sync them all together. Loyal customers will do that.

Higher Security

Both your and the customer's security are important when creating a connection. At a time when financial security is at risk, you can use your app to deal with customers. The latest app developers can simply create payment options, messaging systems, high privacy maintenance, and financial security for your business.

Reduction Of The Cost Of Marketing

You can send your advertisements and marketing content to the customers through the app. It saves lots of money that you have to expand on the marketing process. One of the setbacks for the apps is the cost when developing an app. But, you can distribute the expenses by using the app wisely. Creating the app for marketing is one of those ways.

How to Proceed to the Small Business App Development

After considering all the mentioned benefits, you can proceed to the small business app development. It is important to remember that your app might contain specific objectives and goals other than the mentioned benefits. But, it is vital to cover the basic benefits that have been mentioned for having the full use of the app for your small business.

Defining The Objectives and The Goals

You must be having a specific goal that can be achieved after several efforts. Marketing, social media, app, and various strategies might be involved in the process. When it comes to the app specifically, you have to verify what the goal to achieve from the app is. You should not be using the small business app development because everybody does but according to your goal.

The best way to define the goal and the objectives are to question yourself. What are the benefits that the app can bring to me? How can I use the app for my small-scale business? On what platform am I going to use the app? Is small business app development more profitable? Like questions will enlighten your necessities. For example, if you intend to use an app for your academic institute, you will have to introduce the app for the Android platform. Also, it should contain specific database maintenance for each student.

Sketching Your App will Save More Money

Most of the clients have the idea that the app developer has all the rights to the designing. It is not. You have the freedom to choose the type of app you want for your small business. You don’t have to possess the app developing skills to do this as well. Sketching is just about drawing a description of the app you are about to have. It can either be a small menu or even a small user interface. Even if you don’t have sketching skills, you may simply download a sketching app for this task.

The user interface, pages inside the app, logos, screens, animations, logging menu, and lots of components can be drawn by yourself. If you have the freedom, you will be able to create flowcharts that belong to the app development. Although app developer does have UX specialists as well as the graphic designers, you can free lots of time from both parties. After having a proper sketching part, you can be prepared for the next part pretty easily, hiring an app developer. The most important thing in this step is delivering a positive message to the developer.

Hiring An App developer is a Massive Step in Small Business App Development

As a small businessman, you have to go for an app developer as the next step. Although you have small knowledge about the designing part, it will not suffice for the whole project. Besides, this is about having an app for your business, not for a small task. It is not possible to risk everything. If you have some sort of knowledge, you will be able to save both time and money after negotiating for a small business app development.

There can be millions of app developers in the world. But, having the best developer for your small business app development identified is up to you. The following characteristics should be posed by the app development process.

The developer should be,

working according to a timeframe. It means that the app developer must deliver the project according to the day he promised.

  • Developing the app along with a user-friendly interface.
  • Having a good team that each one of them has identified the app development team roles.
  • Delivering an elegant design without bugs and errors.
  • Having the policy to hand over the copyrights of the small business app development.
  • Passing you a plan for the app maintenance.
  • Creating a brand along with the app.

After getting along with these requirements, you can identify an app developer for the process. It is usual to find a freelancing app developer most of the time. Although it is a freelancing company or a developer in your region, you must arrange an agreement for both development and the Maintenance of the app. Although you are still a small-scale businessman, you have to take the copyrights for the app.

Testing has to be Conducted Repeatedly.

After concluding the small business app development, you can have the first test version. It requires to be tested several times to see bugs and errors. As the owner of the small business, you can become a testing customer, which means you can install the app on your smart device. Skins, screens, supportability for various devices, graphic mixing, and data connectivity-like factors should be tested by you.

After a successful test drive, you can introduce a beta version for the app. Extracting the feedback or the reviews is the most important thing for the testing process. You may conduct a special offer or a motivation for those who install and use the app. You should have set up a better way to take the feedback and monitor the progress. Since the app is not ready yet, you can try reaching them using phone or email.

After finding the bugs, errors, and places that need changes, you can get them reapproached by the app developer. Since the bug fixing after the trials and testing is a part of the agreement, the app developer must work on this.

Releasing the Small Business App For The Public

After having a good time in the trials, you can release the app for the app stores. You have got three major app stores in the world now, Google Play Store, Apple Store, and the Blackberry world. Although Google lets people download the app straight away, other app stores will check your app. As an app owner on these platforms, you have to take necessary measures to get reviews so the ranking will increase and your app will make your own branding on these app stores.

Since your customers don’t have an idea about the small business app development, you can simply make them aware by stickers, advertisements, and your social media marketing campaign. Also, you can verbally address your audience so they can go for special offers granted by you along with the app.

FAQ On How We Do Small Business App Development

Of course, you have the ability to use special platforms such as build fir. If you don’t have extended knowledge, hiring an app developer will be a better option.

It has been found that an app can increase sales for a small-scale businessman by 120%.

The average price for an app will be $20000. If what you have is a small business with fewer requirements through the app, the price will be less than $10000. The price will vary according to your intentions and goals.

There are no specific price for app maintenance as it depends on how the app was built. But, it can be calculated as a percentage, which is 20% of the total app development cost.

Usually, it takes 12 to 16 weeks the releasing the app for the customers. You may get the testing version 4 weeks after the project submission.

You must at least try the app for ten potentially stronger customers. The more people you can use, the perfection of the app will be the better.


Your business scale is not a thing that matters when developing an app for the business. What matters is your goal to be achieved using the small business app development process. Most importantly, having a small-scale business doesn’t allow you to go for an inexpensive app. Although the feature is less than a typical app, you will note babel to get rid of a huge amount in the development.

When it comes to the maintenance part, you need to have a proper agreement with the company. Also, you need to have a proper understanding of the updates, database management, and bug fixing. Indeed the maintenance part is not for free. But, you have the freedom to expect special discounts for the maintenance part. (If you wonder how much does it cost to maintain an app) Although the developer is an overseas country, you will be able to create one simply by having a good conversation. Therefore, both ends will be secured during the process.