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Dehan Wijesekara Founder of Clounote Technology and creator of Clounote Ordering an online food ordering system for restaurans and other businesses who need to let online ordering for their customers. Developing bespoke custom web and mobile applications since 2010. 6 min read

Features of Clounote Online Ordering System.

online ordering system for restaurants

Clounote Online Ordering System is a rising restaurants online ordering system popular among restaurants and bubble tea shops. In this article i would like to explain the features of this awesome online ordering system.

First of all, main difference of this platform compared to other online ordering systems is, unlike Uber or other similar food delivery apps, this platform carry your brand name and colours throughout the whole system. which means all the mobile apps and web sites wears your branding. whole system is dedicated to your business, No competitor inside your app visible to your customers. Good news is, once someone install your app once, next time he will directly reach to you for purchase foods or drinks. Additionally you can push notifications directly to customer mobile phone about offers, promotions and discounts to bring him to your online store.

Choose your prefered menu screen design among different predefined templates or request unique custom design, designed for you.

Free Online Ordering System

You can choose your home screen/menu screen design among 100s of available templates or you can request your own custom design unique to your store. If you need custom design for your home screen/menu screen you have to pay additional onetime bill value.

What will you get in US $80 monthly package.

  1. Android ordering app for user.
  2. iOS ordering app for user.
  3. Order Management app for restaurant/merchant.(Android phone or tab app for restaurant for manage orders).
  4. Android app for drivers for track order delivery.
  5. Mobile & Web responsive web site for online ordering.

Customer mobile app features (for Android and iOs).

  1. Restaurant menu ( available multiple screen templates for choose).
  2. Menu item details (meal photo, description, price, portion size, ingredients, add extra toppings, etc..)
  3. Shopping cart management.
  4. Verify customer mobile number.
  5. Register customer delivery address.
  6. Assign customer order to nearest restaurant branch.
  7. Set maximum delivery range.
  8. Apply promo codes.
  9. Show promotion banners to customer.
  10. Order history.
  11. Track order status and driver location realtime.

Restaurant dashboard mobile app features (Android app).

  1. Accept/Cancel/Dispatch orders.
  2. Assign drivers to order delivery.
  3. Sales Reports (Visible only for Admin level)
  4. Multiple login levels. (Admin, Manager, staff member)
  5. Send notifications to customers.( regarding promotions and offers)

Driver mobile app features (android app).

  1. Accept delivery orders from restaurant.
  2. Navigate to customer order delivery location.
Free Online Ordering System

You can contact anytime team clounote for your queries and purchasing or a meeting. This ordering app will introduce new version annually and you can experience new features for same price.

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Future releases for the clounote ordering platform.

  1. POS system.
  2. Display restaurant promotions and menu slideshows (images, videos) in display TV.
  3. In app advertising module for host paid advertisements.

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