Dehan Wijesekara
Dehan Wijesekara
Founder of Clounote Technology and creator of Clounote Ordering an online food ordering system for restaurans and other businesses who need to let online ordering for their customers. Developing bespoke custom web and mobile applications since 2010.
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Phone Ordering System: How to take phone orders easily.

Phone Ordering System: How to take phone orders easily.

A phone ordering system is intended to help to manage customer orders over the phone.

When your business/store receive a call, most of the sale already made and few steps more to close the deal. In this stage, you need efficient way to handle the order, this is where you need a call center management software to manage both customer and the business order.

People who calls to a restaurant/laundry/flower shop need their business get done ASAP. Most of them are reach for place an order and get them delivered to their door step. Using a call center management software, you can efficiently search and answer their quick questions for pricing info, available stocks, delivery time, delivery range and areas,todays promotions and offers etc.. And also you can take & create order over the phone and add to orders queue.

Free Online Ordering System

Phone Ordering system is designed to be a quick, easy and affordable solution for taking all orders over the phone, i.e. it will help all those registered customers, to place an order over the phone within seconds.

Clounote Technology is one of leading company who has proven to have the latest tech than any other software company in today market.

Explore our POS and Also, do as we present this enterprise level technology, we also have a tool called Call Center.

Call center app will help you to manage your, over the phone orders. When an over the phone order received, phone operator can enter the order items to the cart using call center app. Also there are other interesting features such as, search products & prices, manage order workflow etc..

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