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How to start restaurant online food order delivery business

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Demand for online food ordering has increased in high amounts with COVID-19 pandemic & crisis. Many people want to stay home and get their food and groceries delivered to their doorstep

Let me introduce the principal character of our story, ‘Joseph’ who started a restaurant and reached success level very fast.

Free Online Ordering System

Joseph started a dine-in restaurant and worked hard to do more sales for dine-in customers. Within a short period Joseph was able to grow his customer base. But Joseph is still not satisfied with his growth, so he started food delivery using a multi-restaurant marketplace.

Multi-restaurant marketplaces are offering commission based ordering platforms for restaurants, and they help to deliver food with the help of third party freelance delivery riders.

Joseph chose a multi-restaurant restaurant marketplace because of the difficulty to manage his own delivery team. Within a few months of starting delivery he figured out many problems with the multi-restaurant marketplace.

Free Online Ordering System

He figured out that many of his existing customers, who visited his online restaurant, many occasions they visited his competitors and ordered from them also. This happens due to the online marketplace platform suggesting many restaurants to the guests who visit the platform.

Joseph is smart. He wants to start his own online ordering store, where there should not competitor visible to his customers. And meanwhile Joseph also figured out by starting his own online store and delivery service, his restaurant able to provide good service with better attitudes and better delivery quality to his customers. By having this own delivery team, he can train and monitor delivery rider attitudes and service quality and delivery quality.

Joseph found “Clounote Food Ordering” solution for launch his own ordering and delivery system. Because he found Clounote Online Ordering System is mobile first ordering system, so he can directly push promotions and offers to customers. This will good way to bring customers to his store and his store is 24*7 on customers palm top. There is no loading time for load the store.

Checkout Clounote online food ordering system and may be it will help your restaurant to grow the business. Clounote Online Food Ordering System is ideal for restaurants, pizza restaurants, bubble tea shops and customised versions available for other businesses such as laundries etc..

Clounote Online Food Ordering System

Clounote Technology has offered three main apps for manage delivery system.

  1. Customer android app,iOS app and web application for online ordering.
  2. Merchant android app for manage orders, drivers, and sales reports.
  3. Delivery rider android app for track driver location and order status.

You can request an ordering app for your restaurant, for cost of US $80 monthly rental or you can purchase whole system for a onetime payment by contacting sales team. You can find out more in depth features description from clounote site or send an email to for more information.

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