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Dehan Wijesekara Founder of Clounote Technology and creator of Clounote Ordering an online food ordering system for restaurans and other businesses who need to let online ordering for their customers. Developing bespoke custom web and mobile applications since 2010. 6 min read

Does really online ordering systems works? Read before your trial

clounote online ordering system

Every online ordering system works more than you imagine. Most businesses end up with more demand than they planned and will hire more staff to supply the packages according to demand.

Question: So then why do some businesses still fail???

Yes, You correct. Still there are some businesses who failed their online business. This is because they haven't consulted how they get success with digital business. My personal idea is, a software development company's role is not over in the end of the application handover, Software company should continuously advise the client for end-up with a success story.

Most important thing is you develop the system with beautiful dress with the support of user experience designers to enhance not only the design but also the experience and data arrangement in the application. You should let the developers take their time and develop the application with software engineering design pattern and performance patterns. And should take enough time to do the application testing.

Free Online Ordering System

Once you place an online ordering system or an e-commerce application, initially you have to let people know that you have such a system to order online (business availability) And you should also educate online visitors how to use the ordering system.

You may think that, when you deploy an app to order online your daily customer visits will reduce due to their order online. That's WRONG. Online market is a separate market. People who enjoy shopping by visiting will mostly attend the outlet. Busy people like to enjoy their free time mostly at home or park rather than busy again with going shopping.

Reasons to fail an online ordering system.

  • Poor application performance
  • Unfriendly user experience
  • High amount of delivery fee
  • Lack of marketing about application availability
  • Poor delivery service and attitudes
  • Poor workflow/business process management
  • Only introduced a web based system with mobile friendly. No mobile apps

Reasons to success an online ordering system.

  • System design
  • System performance
  • Offline access
  • Directly push promotions and offers to customer mobile phone
  • Collect data related to customer buying patterns and generate reports
  • Loyalty offers

Benefits of properly developed and managed online ordering systems.

  • If you got 50,000 app installs, there will be around 15,000 minimum active orders daily. Fair enough?
  • You can push promotions and offers to clients. Which means a direct marketing channel
  • You can use analytics and use business intelligence
  • Build a personal relationship between customer and business
  • You can do surveys regarding customer satisfaction
Free Online Ordering System

You may already have an online ordering system or you may be willing to introduce an ordering system to your customers. Now you have an idea about the things you need to consider before and after your deployment of the system.

Clounote is a tech company that crafts digital mobile and web solutions aiming with customer success. It's worth spending some time to talk with the Clounote team regarding your expectations and let them make your dream come true. Clounote have their own white labeled online ordering system. You can have your own full online ordering system for the price of 80$ monthly rental. Request a demo or whatsapp +94713554027

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