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Why an In-House Online Ordering System is the Best

Why an In-House Online Ordering System is the Best

Covid-19 has a clear eye not only for businessmen but also for consumers, as it is necessary to have and buy online shops.

From the perspective of customers, people are more interested in ordering food via restaurants that supply food via their own team of restaurant providers. With COVID-19 quickly spreading through the restaurant industry in a dark cloud, online buying now makes more sense than ever.

From a social security viewpoint, if one of the victims of covid-19 finds out, the problem is easy to deal with.

Assume that the health authorities found a rider infected so that all the customers they have can be quickly located, and the customers can get the attention of a medical team.

Whether the Customer is easily infected by who supplied the food to that specific Customer, or has seen a restaurant staff visit or attend a delivery. We typically cannot trust freelance third party delivery drivers because no central individual is responsible for handling them entirely.

Clounote - Online Ordering System?

Online Ordering System Clounote is a growing online ordering system platform for shops and restaurants. I'd like to clarify the features of this excellent online ordering system in this report.

First, as opposed to other online ordering systems, this platform carries the brand name and colours in the entire system, unlike any Uber or any other similar food delivery applications.

That indicates you wear your branding for all mobile apps and websites. The whole system is committed to your company with no competitor available to your customers inside your app. Good news is that the next time anyone downloads the app, they will contact you directly for food or beverages.

You can also directly send updates of sales, deals and discounts to your cell phone customers to take you to your online store.

How to take phone orders easily?

Choose between various predefined models for your favourite menu design or order a specific personalized design.

You can select your home screen/menu template from a hundred models or request a personalized design of your own which is exclusive in your shop. You have to pay an extra one-time bill value if you need a custom template for your home show.

The system for phone orders is designed to assist in handling customer phone orders.

When your company/shop gets a call, the bulk of the selling has already taken place and few steps to conclude the contract. At this point, you need an effective way to handle the order, where both Customer and the order are managed using a call centre management programme.

ASAP is available for people who call to a restaurant/washing room/flower shop.

Most are reached and delivered to their doorsteps to put an order. You can browse and respond to quick questions for pricing details, stocks available, delivery times, delivery ranges and areas, promotional offers every day, and so on efficiently using the call centre management software. And you can also order over your phone and connect to your queue of orders.

Mobile phone Ordering is intended to serve as a convenient, affordable and straightforward solution to place orders over the telephone in seconds for all registered customers, i.e.

Clounote Technology is one of the leading companies with the latest technology on the market today.

Explore our POS, and we also have a tool called the Call Centre when we present this company-level technology.

The call centre programme will assist you in handling your phone orders. When a telephone order is received, the call centre app allows the telephone operator to enter the order products in the cart. Other essential features, like searching items and costs, order workflow management, etc., are also available.

Clounote Monthly Package

  • App for Android user ordering.
  • IOS user device ordering.
  • Android phone or restaurant tab software for order management.
  • Android driver programme for the execution of track orders.
  • Online purchasing web site open to smartphone & web.

All of these, you will get in a US $50 monthly package. Fees for Clounote ($50 + service charge) for the entire month. The service fee will be from 0.1 $to 2 $per order, meaning that based on the order value, there may be no commission percentage.

For platform rental, Clounote will only charge a fixed rate of US $50 per month. The subscription fee for Clounote is to cover the cost of online services for maps, routing, inventory, etc.

For online shopping sites, Clounote does not have hidden costs.

Why Clounote?

We aspire to provide the organization with flexible and efficient solutions. Our team consists of years of industry expertise engineers who help us deliver real value solutions for all forms of engineering needs.

Our extremely durable, reliable and cost-efficiently controlled solutions are designed to meet your customized business needs.

  1. Guarantee Satisfaction

    All our products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee without precedent.

  2. Passionate worker

    Everyone in Clounote is passionate about their work. We build a people-centred business of creative, enthusiastic people who enjoy working every day. Performance and security are the passionate ones for our software engineers. We are passionate about you – the client—our customer service.

  3. Committed to quality

    We're not pursuing every computer supporting business. We only choose customers who share our beliefs.

    It is a huge challenge that we take this very seriously to support the IT and vital network needs of an organization. To represent an organization competently, it needs teamwork and a firm dedication to good communication, excellence and best business practices.

    If, because of value gaps, we cannot obtain excellent outcomes, we are actually not looking for the opportunity.

  4. A plan of Success

    You're looking for results. We have found that your business, rivals, target market and consumer psychograph are the best way to do this. We suggest a plan of attack only when we completely understand you and your customers.

  5. Value to Customers

    We respect our customers and do whatever we can to make them happy. That's the commitment we have made.

Reasons to choose in-house online ordering system:

Many owners of food and groceries prefer their internal online ordering systems rather than an online ordering system from third parties. That is because an internal structure has more advantages concerning the retention and management of customers.

Let us address the five critical reasons for selecting a domestic online grocery or supermarket ordering platform.

Retention of Consumer Control

The owner can fully access customer data through an in-house online ordering system. You cannot access consumer data while you are registered with a third party food or food supply App. So it is a struggle to keep a customer as a loyal customer.

You get full access to and control over your data such as your location, order preferences, personal contact number, etc. using an internal online ordering system. Customized buying experience will help you maintain a customized supply of items for your customers.

Precision of order

The exact order would be accomplished by an in-house food ordering system or food ordering system. The orders are more reliable as the Customer only surfs a single charge. When accessing an internal ordering system, there are fewer chances of confusion.

Daily customers who work or live as paying customers may be scheduled to repeat orders. In short, a 100% order accuracy online food ordering system can be of benefit.

Sales progress

Your outlet doesn't compete if you help clients navigate an in-house online ordering system. Ordering the goods or products sold on your website from your internal distribution application.

Your application is also the only forum for placing an order. Revenue for your brand is then registered.

Clients can also access the menu for internal ordering applications, as other deals on other portals are not in a rush. It is noted as an experience in ordering efficiency.

Flexibility to customize

Customization is not possible when you are registered with an online third party distribution portal. Only the provider of the app may customize deals or offers. But it becomes possible and straightforward to configure your own cooking or food ordering system.

You can configure regular deals, festival offerings and much more on your internal ordering system with the aid of customization versatility. The products you need can be kept on sale quickly.

In short, an in-house ordering platform will provide 100% customization versatility for your food distribution application or food delivery app.

Commission savings

The most important thing about using the internal online ordering system is that you don't pay any fees for any app or supplier on each order. You should keep all the profits on your brand. Ultimately this creates extra sales for your product or food brand online.

Benefits of Online Ordering System

You may be cautious about creating your own online ordering system with this new order in place, mainly if you are still relying on third-party delivery services, or if you have second thoughts that without the box strategy, your restaurant idea may not work.

But you know this is the right time to adapt and be resilient in the face of invincible obstacles somewhere deep within your heart.

Never trick yourself into believing that the COVID-19 pandemic is a consequence of online ordering systems. For quite some time now, this easy choice has been there.

Since these days, retailers and restaurateurs are out of choice, they have now begun to notice it as a doable item, and so should you.

Clounote has introduced a brand new online ordering platform to help companies adapt, making it easier for you to expand your company online and better support your clients.

  1. You get all profits

    The most important advantage of having your own online food ordering system is that by cutting out the middleman (third-party delivery apps), you keep all of the money.

    Usually, they take between 15% to 30% of each sale you produce. If you have an in-house app that you can control and handle by yourself, the online ordering system cost won't be almost as high.

    Although for certain features, you will pay flat rates, the money from the orders themselves will be all yours.

    The charges depend on the scheme you want. For optional features, some businesses can charge, while others often charge for the simple online ordering system.

    You are not paying for the main commodity with Clounote. The system is free, and you only pay for optional features that are premium.

    There's a reason why customers love to order online or through apps. Customers are more likely to explore their menu choices and pay more than they would without feeling pressure to order. All things considered, there are 23 per cent more digital orders than non-digital orders.

    The pressure for your customers to make fast orders is gone with no line behind them, and they will be more likely to get that extra menu item.

    Apart from an online ordering app, hosting an online ordering system that is incorporated with the POS system of your restaurant ensures that you maintain all the revenue from and purchase.

    No more missing the third party's significant benefit figures. Instead, paying a flat fee for this function helps you to fully prepare for the expense.

  2. No more per order commission rates

    It is a well-known fact that third-party aggregator applications such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Grubhub charge a commission of almost 25 per cent per request. Consumers are also aware of the same, and 70 per cent of consumers prefer to order relevant from restaurants, not third-party providers.

    This eats into restaurant profit margins. Restaurants can avoid paying big commission margins per order by making their own app synchronized with a POS system for handling online orders, thus improving sales and profits.

  3. Full access to customer information

    For restaurants, customer information is very valuable and essential, but third-party aggregators do not exchange customer information with restaurant partners and have been accused of using restaurant data to evaluate customer ordering trends to launch their labels.

    43% of restaurant professionals claim that third-party apps intervene with the direct relationship between a restaurant and its customers by hiding customer details in a recent survey.

    You will be able to save all your customer details, including their mobile number, address, and ordering history, by getting your own online ordering app synced with a back-end POS system.

    This helps restaurants execute marketing campaigns and provide tailored ordering experience to get customers into their app to order back to their restaurants.

  4. 100% error-free online ordering services

    You do not have to contact someone else to update your menu, adjust sale rates, and update stock by providing an in-house online ordering system incorporated with the POS system.

    Any changes made to the POS system are immediately mirrored in the cell phone of the Customer, so the Customer does not place an order for an item that is out of stock. This strengthens the app's user experience and stickiness among clients.

    A misunderstanding exists in any restaurant, regardless of whether an order is taken by telephone or in-person. This can contribute to food waste and, even more importantly, dissatisfied consumers who are unlikely to return.

    For online orders, the consumer has more control, making it clear that everything about their order is registered as a hard copy, so there is no real risk of errors. This is especially important for clients with allergies or dietary restrictions.

    In a company where it is a great help to know what your clients need, in-house online shopping is a great way to get the perspective.

    In-house food ordering systems, unlike third party online ordering vendors, allow you to record customer data and order trends for each purchase. It is not hard to estimate who your daily online customers are and what they order the most without this info.

    Collecting customer information helps you to build a more personalized online user experience and to effectively market to them.

  5. Protecting the reputation of your brand

    Getting their own online grocery order system ensures that whether there's a problem with the order or the food, clients can contact you directly. Then, you can directly solve the problem.

    With online distribution systems from third parties, consumers have no way to get in touch with you, and you can't hear their grievances.

    Consequently, to enhance your service or goods, you are trapped and won't get critical feedback. Also, according to a Techonomic survey, 76% of customers blame third-party delivery failures on the restaurant.

    So you can always be blamed, even though you have no influence on how the food gets to your customers, which can put your credibility at risk.

  6. Create Loyalty for Customers

    You guarantee an enhanced sense of loyalty with your very own restaurant order taking device. The Customer may order from you this time and from another restaurant next time on a third-party app. They're not going to be faithful to you, nor to the ordering app.

    Even if the food is excellent, because there are too many choices in their hands, they are less likely to select you a second time.

    The market is fierce, and it just makes matters worse that your brand can't stand out. Your restaurant will be the star of the show if you give online orders yourself.

  7. No more massive costs of advertisement

    To maximize exposure and increase the number of orders, aggregators charge a hefty amount to raise the establishments in their app.

    You will be able to place advertisements and banners on the home screen of your own app by having your own online order processing app to promote your current specials and other promotional offers free of cost.

    The number of orders provided by a company is directly proportional to the reputation of the surrounding restaurant and also to the quality of the restaurant's food and service provided.

    Restaurants may use the same by saving on the aggregator commission rates to promote themselves in the community and boost the quality of food and service

  8. Hospitality May Expand to the residence of the Customer

    Restaurateurs believe that online ordering eliminates contact between consumers and their employees. Still, there are several other ways to combine your online orders with a particular hospitality brand in your restaurants.

    You can provide personalized cards to say thanks and customize your receipts to ensure that your brand shines through in delivery. However, customers will not speak to employees via telephone or visit your restaurant in person.

    Especially now, these little touches demonstrate to your clients that you appreciate their business and that when this is all over, you will need to see them back in the dining room.

  9. You're standing out

    Rather than being in the shadow of several other restaurants like yours on third-party apps like DoorDash or Grubhub, an in-house online ordering system would make your restaurant stand out.

    Your restaurant can be hidden at the end of a long list of restaurants on these apps, and clients might not even find it. With a device of your own, you have no competition.

    You're not only going to be able to sell your brand, but you're also going to give clients what they want. Instead of using a third party, 70% of clients choose to order directly from restaurants. Capitalize on that by creating a unique experience for them.


The effect on in-house online order supply forces owners to choose the right method for listing their restaurant on food supplies portals.

If you are registered for applications from third parties and want to switch consumers to your website, convince them by presenting recipes, dishes only available on your website, exclusive price discounts, etc.

Customers are now more motivated and eager to help local businesses than ever before. If you know mobile apps for ordering online food, you would be more likely to order it directly from you if you know that it is a choice. Start to seek an Online Ordering System to buy as soon as possible directly on your website.