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A Complete Web Development Checklist 2021

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In today’s world of digitization, each and every business requires a solid digital presence in order to stay ahead in the race. Everyone is in the race of making their website or mobile application as feature-filled with latest technologies as possible. Along with that, the number of people using the internet is also increasing, in such a scenario, getting a website for your business can give you more potential customers and eventually increase your profits. You need a perfect and comprehensive list of web development requirements for a perfect outcome.

Web Development Checklist 2021

Perfect web development is a cluster of complex processes that needs to be done right to get that desired output. If you are looking at the process of the best web development company Sri Lanka then you can check out these important points in their web development checklist for 2021,

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    The envisioned idea needs to be analyzed to study all the aspects viz. requirements, features, technology required, etc. for flawless web development.

  • Target Audience Analysis

    Analysis of the target audience is the first and most important part of your web development strategy. User persona can be divided by demography, psychography, etc.

  • Deadline Analysis

    Before you start any web development, review all the aspects, and analyse the time that might be taken for the entire process and deliver it to the client.

  • Costing Analysis

    Depending on the technology used, features to be added, and designing aspects, define a rough cost and discuss it with the client beforehand.

  • Domain Name & Host Selection

    Domain names should be selected based on legal, brand, SEO, and human readable perspectives. And hosting should be selected based on package, geography, and the features offered.

  • Prototyping

    Create a prototype to get client feedback. This prototype should include answers to the queries such as purpose, target audience, goals, etc.

  • Designing

    Choosing that right design can change the entire game. Once prototypes are good to go, designing kick starts, and it should reflect the theme, area, and type of business.

  • Navigation

    Make sure that the navigation flow is as lucid as possible to make the user feel the free flow. Use different kinds of menus, styles, transitions, etc. to make navigation on point.

  • UI/UX Development

    The UI/UX is the face of the application, so it should reflect the sole purpose of building it along with an interactive, easy to use, and engaging web experience.

  • Programming

    It's now time to focus on the actual web development. The code should be error-free, secure, reliable, free of bugs, and follow standard coding practices.

  • Image Optimization

    The images used in web development should be fast loading, high-quality, and should include meta tags. The images need to be highly relevant and attractive.

  • Branding

    It is important to have your branding strategy on-point to thrive in the competition. Brand logo, symbol, color scheme, etc. should match the theme of the brand for uniformity.

  • SEO & Content Marketing

    Without the right SEO for your website to bring high rankings. And as content is the king, you need a perfect blend of SEO and content for making your web development on point.

  • Security Analysis & Updates

    As all the tasks of the web development are online, security needs to be monitored and kept intact. Even the updates that are given should be checked for ensuring security.

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Successful deployment will win the game of web development for you. If the website is not maintained properly then the bugs will create hindrance in serving its purpose.


Apart from these, there are tons of factors that need consideration and to be added to your checklist. But, that solely depends on the type of web development that you require. Share your business details and we will get back to you in no time!

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