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Ready made vs Bespoke Information Technology Solutions

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Sooner or later every business has to introduce a computerized application. Nowadays there are thousands of software companies and there are many ready made solutions in the market.

Ready made software solutions

These solutions are prepared targeting sales for multiple companies (may be 100, or may be 1000 companies) in the same industry. Usually this kind of softwares developed to address many problems lay in the same industry. Time taken to go production compared to custom solutions is very low in ready made softwares since they are already developed. But there will be a need for a little bit of more time to do the branding and production testing before hand over.

Solution cost will be a monthly subscription amount but you have to pay the bill lifetime. And also there is no standard amount to define how cost will be increased annually. There are some cases where you stored data in cloud location or a server which belongs to the software company, you may have to pay huge amounts of money to get your stored data if you terminate the contract. So better if you read the terms and conditions and make sure there are no hidden payment terms in your agreement.

You will never get the source code of the solution and you can't buy the source code either.

Every coin has two sides. Even though ready made softwares saves time, there are some disadvantages too.

Bespoke/Custom software solutions.

These solutions are not previously built. Software companies will develop the solution to address your own unique problems. You have to allocate a high amount of budget to develop the products. Solution will have a unique design which you will prefer. You even can ask engineers to define your preferred colors and data arrangement. There will be a dedicated team for you including, tech lead, project manager, senior software engineers, engineers, associate software engineers, user experience designers, database engineers etc..

Your solution will totally belong to you and you can ask for source code too.

Custom software will take more time to deploy compared to ready made solutions. But most companies offer feature vice software releases.

You have to agree to a service agreement with the software company to keep watching your solution health for a reasonable amount.


Above I have mentioned advantages and disadvantages and you can choose one according to your benefit and preferred way. But I want to say this, not only softwares but anything, it's not enough you to judge only looking at benefits of whether it is ready made or a custom, you should always consider about the how they treat you as a client, how negotiable are they, how will be the after sale service will be. So if you do consider those, you will always get the right benefit out of your solution.

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